Employer Remittance and Member Eligibility

Employer Remittance Processing is at the heart of the FAMS system.  Functions include deposit slip processing, employer reports and cash receipts, and automatic member eligibility calculations.

Member work detail is collected and expected contribution amounts are automatically calculated. Every detail of the employer reporting process is considered, including bargaining agreements, member work classifications, negotiated rate effective dates, reciprocity agreements, and employer delinquencies. Cash reconciliation and deposit slip entry round-out the cash receipts process.

Member eligibility status, annuity and vacation cash balances, personal account plans, and pension benefit credits, among others, are calculated and instantly updated as part the employer remittance process. Individual member balances are immediately available through screen inquiry and member statements.  FAMS is mobile friendly, too.

The FAMS workflow allows you to provide a better and more responsive level of service to your membership. Data is accessed quickly and accurately, benefit statements are created on-demand, and member data is always available securely via the web.

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