JBM is leading the pack in the multiemployer benefit fund marketplace with its newest edition of the Fund Administrator's Management System (FAMS).

FAMS v.5.0 is built in open source utilizing the LAMP Stack

Why open source?

We think Red Hat® says it best:

The best technology wins

Red Hat® believes open source simply creates better software. Everyone collaborates. The best technology wins. Not just within one company, but for everyone, anyone, around the world. As a result, the open source model builds higher-quality, more secure, more easily integrated software. And it does it at a vastly accelerated pace, often at a lower cost.

Open source—the technology powerhouse

Open source has established itself as the most cost-effective way to create high-quality software. Today it's at the heart of software innovation thanks to:

  • Development driven by a wide range of contributors from commercial IT vendors, including original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and independent software vendors (ISVs), to customers, academia, and government.
  • Contributors who collaborate to define, design, and implement software that meets their needs.
  • Lower costs because development is amortized across contributors.
  • Open standards, which reduce vendor lock-in.
  • Licenses that give free access to the code.
 See: "When the best ideas win, you can't lose"

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