FAMS v.5.0 is Built on the LAMP Stack

The LAMP Stack is a group of open source software products that power a majority of the world's most popular and heavily trafficked web sites. The LAMP acronym comes from Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.


JBM utilizes CentOS, a Linux operating system distribution that is stable, enterprise class, community supported, and free.


Apache is a free, open source software that runs over 50% of the web servers in operation worldwide.


MySQL is the world's most popular open source database built for speed, scalability, reliability, and security. MySQL powers many of the world's most popular, high-performance web sites. As the "world's most popular open source database", MySQL is the focus of millions of developers, database administrators, and commercial partners large and small - all enhancing the value and reliability of MySQL.


PHP is a programming language that is incredibly popular by web developers worldwide. PHP is installed on hundreds of millions of websites. Currently supported by The PHP Group, PHP is open source and freely available from http://www.php.net/software/


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