The Art of the API

  • You selected a new software platform for the fund office.
  • You labored through a data conversion process from the old system to the new.
  • You made sure your staff was trained.
  • You maintained two systems for a while.
  • And you are now witness to daily advances in productivity.

So what’s next?

With an automated system in place, it’s fair for you to expect automation.

In programming, an Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of rules and tools providing communications between various parts of the larger program. The API is developed once, then “called” over and over again by one or more applications. In a distributed world, you may see this at work between systems. For instance, within social media, APIs are established between platforms so that tweets automatically move from Twitter to LinkedIn or the mobile site of your favorite entertainer or sports team.

The automation expectation for your new administration platform should include seamless interfaces to partners, money managers, and benefit service providers. Advances in productivity are achieved by doing things once, then relying on your technology investment to ...

  • link with your imaging solution, or
  • share data with your death audit services provider, or
  • interface with the union office administration system,
  • or update your general business accounting system,
  • or seamlessly communicate with any number of third party solutions that are critical to your business.

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